When you look out on the field you will notice that many if not all of the Bears have numbers on the left side of their helmets.  You may also notice that some may not.  The numbers on the left side of the helmet must be earned.  This is what is called Earning Your Numbers in the Saint Joseph Football program.  Each week the varsity coaching staff discusses which players have earned their numbers.  The criteria for earning your numbers are set by each senior class.  Before every season each senior class develops what they believe are the behaviors of a champion.  These behaviors are what are used for the criteria of earning your numbers.   If a players position coaches believe he is consistently exhibiting the behaviors of a champion he will be awarded his numbers.  The player must maintain that consistency or he could have his numbers taken away and have to earn them back.  The goal is for every player to Earn His Numbers.  This tradition began in Coach Church’s second year 2012.

The #1 jersey has a special status in the Saint Joseph Football program.  Each year the coaching staff will decide which skill position player best exemplifies the Bear Football tradition of THE TEAM, THE TEAM, THE TEAM.  That player will have the honor of wearing the #1 jersey.  So look in your program and the young man who is in the #1 jersey you know is a young man of character.  This tradition began in Coach Church’s third year 2013.

Previous #1s
2013 Dan Carrick
2014 Derek Burton
2015 Eric Engel
2016 Kevin Jones
2017 Ryan Barlow
2018 Nathan Long

Every time the Bears take the field they do so with pride and passion.  A display of that pride and passion is exhibited when the Bears rush onto the field and touch the banner before every game.  The current banner was donated to the program by the 2013 seniors.  This tradition began under Coach Muhlenkamp.

The resounding clang of a bell echoing through a fall night in St. Joseph is a beautiful thing.  After every victory the Bears ring the victory bell with pride.  If the win was at home the bell will be rung immediately following the handshake line.  If the victory was earned on the road you will hear the bell ringing late at night as the Bears arrive home from a joyous bus trip.  The bell was donated by the Kruse family in memory of their daughter Michelle Kruse.  The tradition began in Coach VanWagoner’s 2nd year 2003.