What we know so far...

Dickinson Stadium will be changed to artificial turf. Here is what we know so far (and we don't know much)

  • The new field is a donation from Stephen and Elizabeth Upton

  • The name of the stadium WILL NOT change, it will still be Dickinson Stadium. BUT, the field will also have a name and it will reflect the donation. St. Joe's games will be played on Steve Upton Family Field at Dickinson Stadium.

  • Installation is expected to be completed by the start of practice for the 2018 football season. However, because of the recent heavy rains, there could possibly be a slight delay when it's able to be used.

  • Soccer, which is currently played at Upton Middle School will return to the high school after 25 years at the middle school, starting with the boys 2018 schedule in the fall.

  • Dickinson Stadium will be one of six SMAC schools to have turf (St. Joe, Lakeshore, Gull Lake, Battle Creek Central, and the new fields at Portage Northern (opening fall 2018) and Portage Central (opening fall 2019)

  • Here is what the turf will look like once it's installed

Things we don't know... (just the ones we could think of that were within reason)

  • We don't know if the Upton teams are moving to the high school either.

    ... Sounds like no, Upton's teams will continue to play at Koontz Field at Upton.

  • We don't know what will become of the soccer field at Upton.

    ... The Bear Cage has played host for St. Joe soccer for more than 25 years. The facility is still suited to host soccer, It could be used as a "back up" facility in case of scheduling issues at Dickinson Stadium. The field has a concession building and restrooms, and heated and air conditioned locker rooms. The soccer field also has covered dugouts, which Dickinson will not have.

    UPDATE: We have confirmed that not all of the upcoming boys soccer schedule will be able to be played at Dickinson Stadium, and it will be this way for the first few years. Basically it's because when the announcment was made about the turf. Most of the schedules for the boys soccer and football seasons have already been set for a few years. Meaning that the schedules aren't easily made to be changed... Not impossible, but remember there are other schools that have to adjust their schedules, which made cause other schedule changes... So it's not simple to just change. The girls 2019 schedule is most likely going to be all at the high school. There may be 1 or 2 conflicts, but chances are not many.